Things To Do With Your Kids During Spring Break When It’s Raining

Things To Do With Your Kids During Spring Break When It’s Raining

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March has arrived! And with March comes that two weeks your kids have been looking forward to since Christmas… Spring Break! Even though it’s called “Spring” break, living in the greater Vancouver area, we are sure to be hit with some rainy weather. Unless you’re part of the lucky few who get to jet off to a hot destination, it can be daunting being trapped inside with your kids during inclement weather when school’s out. But it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of fun, affordable outings to take your kids on this Spring break, keep reading for some ideas that are right for your family! 

Catch a Family – Friendly Flick

There’s nothing better than the movie going experience! The yummy fresh popped popcorn, the big screen, the excitement of seeing a new film, the list goes on! These days, there’s nearly always a family friendly movie playing that your kids (and you) will love! For this spring break, we suggest the next instalment in the How To Train Your Dragon series at Landmark Cinemas on Carnarvon Street! To view the trailer of this awesome film, click here, and for showtimes and other movies, click here. Tip: Sunday is Kid’s Day at Landmark Cinema, where discounts are offered for children on admissions and snacks!

Planet Lazer – Extreme Lazer Tag

Sometimes, when it’s raining out, your kids need to run off some of their energy, and in inclement weather, it can be tough to find options for that! This is where Planet Lazer comes in! A great way to run around and get exercise while simultaneously having the time of your life! There are plenty of options for this fun activity, you can either bring the whole family down, where some friendly competition is sure to ensue (who will win – mom or dad?), or, you can have your kids play with some friends while you catch up with yours! Either way, after an afternoon at Planet Lazer, your kids will definitely give you the “Best Parent Ever” award!

The Fun Gym Bus

Do you have small aged children who go a little crazy (understandably) when they’re trapped inside on a rainy day? If this sounds familiar, the Fun GymBus might just be your saving grace! The Fun GymBus is a gym on wheels, filled with stimulating activities for your children such as a zipline, ball pit, trampoline and more! It is a child’s paradise in there. One trip on the Fun Bus, your kids will be begging for more!

The Fun GymBus caters to birthday parties, family reunions, daycares, and pretty much any event you can think of! If you have a group of mummies with a plethora of littles keeping them busy, you can even order the Fun Bus to one of your houses and share the expense! They are predominately located in the Tri-Cities, but they will come to anywhere on the Lower Mainland, it might just be a slight cost difference. Tip: The Fun GymBus has a viewing window, so you can watch your kids squeal and giggle in delight as they play. Check out The Fun GymBus website for rates and more information. 

Pandora’s Locks: Mystery Room Adventures 

Spring Break isn’t just for small aged children! You may be the parent of high school kids, and if so, this is the perfect activity to do with them! Escape Rooms are all the rage right now, and Pandora’s Locks Mystery Room Adventures is New West’s very own high tech take on them! Bring your family, pick a room you would like to escape from, and put your minds together on strategies for how you will get out! Will your crew try to escape from the mystical Wonderland? Or will you be trapped in the spooky vault?! For more information and how to book, click here for Pandora’s Lock’s website.

Taking Advantage of Your Local Rec Centres

Rec Centres and local sports complexes are some of the most cost effective ways to have fun! This spring break, take advantage of the drop in schedules at your community centres for either your kids, or the whole family! From swimming, to skating, to open gyms, there’s activities for families of all shapes and sizes. Check out the drop in schedules at the rec centre nearest to you:

So there you have it, New Westminster, rainy weather doesn’t have to equate to a boring day trapped indoors! However old your kids are, you will find something for your family to make for some great days together this Spring break! Happy Spring, New West!

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