Sunny Weather Family Activities For Spring Break

Sunny Weather Family Activities For Spring Break


Happy Tuesday, residents and friends of New Westminster! Last week, we wrote a blog on activities in the area to do with your kids when it’s raining over Spring Break! If you missed it, click here, to give it a read. Now, it’s time for our list of things to do on those sunny, blue bird days we so look forward to! With any luck, the sun will come out and the temperature will climb enough to spend sometime outside. Keep reading for ideas that will work for your family this Spring break! 

Grab Your Bikes and Take a Ride!

With all the snowy weather that’s been happening lately, your kids are probably itching to get their bikes back on the road! As soon as the weather permits, round up the whole bunch for a sunny ride! There are lots of parks and areas suitable for riding with your little ones, such as Port Royal Park and Westminster Pier Park, but our top suggestion is Westminster Quay. You can’t beat it on a sunny day. It’s the perfect route for families because it’s flat, and there’s plenty of options to stop along the way for a snack or a treat! The perfect set up for an idyllic family afternoon. 

Meander Around River Market

There’s a certain content feeling that comes with strolling around aimlessly on a sunny day, surrounded by people you adore. River Market is the perfect place to do this with family! Cute shops, lots to look at, and plenty of opportunity to stop for a treat along the way! Grab a coffee for yourself and some gelato for your sweet kids, or perhaps a baked good from Pamola Bakery, and enjoy it outside in the Spring sunshine! River Market is a great place for family time spent along the river, see for yourself this Spring break!

Picnic the Day Away

Spring time means ample opportunity to spend more and more time outside as the weather brightens and the temperature climbs! And what’s a wonderful way to celebrate this awesome feeling? How about a picnic with the whole family! Sometimes simply breaking routine can feel like a special treat for your children. Planning for a pleasant picnic is actually pretty easy! All you need is a cooler, a big blanket, plenty of yummy eats, perhaps a soccer ball or frisbee, and you’re all set! If you want to make it even easier, pick up lunch on the way from your favourite cafes, and bring it go!

Our top suggestions for prime picnic spots are: Westminster pier Park, Queen’s Park, Hume Park and Tipperary Park. Any one of these lovely green spaces would provide the setting for a fun filled family afternoon. Check out the New Westminster Parks & Rec page for a park that’s right for your group!

Enjoy a Family Meal Together

Even though it’s not quite patio season, it doesn’t mean a meal out isn’t made more fun when it’s nice weather! New Westminster is full of restaurants suitable for families! To take advantage of lovely weather, we recommend restaurants along the water on Quayside Drive. For example: A delicious breakfast at Angelina’s, a mid day pizza shared at Tre Galli Gelato Caffe, or maybe some delicious crowd-pleasing BBQ for dinner at Re-up Barbecue! There are a plethora of awesome options, and your kids are sure to enjoy any one of them! 

So now you’re all ready for Spring break! Whether we’re met with sunny days or rainy, there’s plenty of activities to keep us busy in the New Westminster area during Spring break. We hope everyone has a happy and safe vacation! 

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