Outdoor Summer Fun in New Westminster

Outdoor Summer Fun in New Westminster

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Are you looking to get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine and fabulous weather this summer? Well, look no further because New Westminster has an array of options. Whether you want to go for a lovely stroll, sit by the water, or have a fun day with the kids, summer is the perfect time to do so! So, keep reading for our list of some of the best thing to do outside this season. 

Hume Park

First up is Hume Park! This park is guaranteed to meet all of your needs this summer. Whether you want a place for your kids to play, somewhere to cool down, a nice picnic, or a quiet spot to sit in the sun, Hume Park has it all! Further, this is a great spot for families with its large green spaces and both upper and lower parks. Additionally, there is a newly refurbished spray park and an outdoor pool that serve as an oasis on a hot summers day! 

Pop-Up Museum in the Park

This summer the museum is coming to you out in the sunshine! Each Thursday throughout the summer the museum will be set up at different local parks from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. There will be artifacts from the teaching collection, as well as activities, crafts, and games for you to explore! These pop-up museums are meant to be accessible for everyone, and a new way to reach the community, thus the entrance fee is by donation! So, come on down to one of your local parks and get ready to learn.

Westminster Pier Park

You truly can’t go wrong when it comes to the Westminster Pier Park for, it’s really a three-for-one type destination. All the amenities that stretch along the waterfront are so amazing, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy! Whether you want a relaxing picnic in the park, the kids to beat the heat in the spray park, or even a stroll on the boardwalk, this is the place for you! Further, Westminster Pier Park has a wonderful variety of public art features for everyone’s enjoyment. Not to mention, you can continue down River Market for some food, like tasty gelato! Talk about summer fun!

Royal City’s Farmer’s Market

Up next is the Royal City’s Farmer’s Market! The market runs Thursday’s from 3pm to 7pm at Tipperary Park, and on a gorgeous summers day it’s tons of fun. The farmer’s market offers fresh produce, gourmet prepared food, various plants and even beautifully made crafts from local artists. There’s even food trucks, community activities, live entertainment, and a mini-market area for the kids! Additionally, bring a picnic blanket and make an evening out of it while relaxing and taking in the live entertainment.

Glenbrook Ravine

If you’re searching for more of an escape into nature, look no further. Glenbrook Ravine offers a getaway into the beauty of the natural world. Throughout the park there are multiple walking paths that lead deeper into the lush forest, including wooden bridges and benches along the way! The trails themselves are gravel and suitable for people of all levels to explore. Additionally, Glenbrook Ravine features a stunning garden, falls and a pond, which is home to a variety of wildlife! 


Finally, we have Queensborough as an option to get out and enjoy the sunshine this summer! There is a variety of activities for you, friends and family to take part in, and be entertained by while in Queensborough. Try out the popular beachfront, or stop by the spray and all-wheel park with the kids! Additionally, there are trails and tennis courts if that suits you better. Moreover, keep watch for the variety of special events happening throughout the summer at the Queensborough Community Centre. 

Well, there you have it New Westminster! If you’re looking to enjoy your days in the sunshine you certainly have some great options! Hopefully something on this list peaked your interest to make plans outside this summer. 

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