Food Truck Festival in New West

Food Truck Festival in New West

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This week New Westminster is in for a very special treat! One of the largest single day food truck festivals is happening this Saturday, and you don’t want to miss it! Head on down to Columbia street in downtown New Westminster, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, with your stretchiest pants on and be prepared to eat.

The festival itself will have a very wide variety of delicious eats for you to chose from! There is 93 different food trucks attending the festival, which means tons of food ready for your indulgement. Additionally, there will be over 560 unique and mouthwatering dishes for you to try out!  

You will be able to feast on more traditional options like firewood pizza, lavish hot dogs, poutine, mac & cheese and burgers. However, there will also be more ethnic places to order from if that’s more up your alley! Such as, Greek, Mexican, Brazilian, Malaysian, and there will even be a dim sum truck. 

If you need to beat the heat have no fear! There are tons of fabulous beer gardens and patios along Columbia street for you to stop in at! So take a seat and have a nice cold beer, refreshing cocktail, or glass of wine in between food stops!

Moreover, there will be live entertainment by numerous different bands all night long! There will be three different stages, which four different sets of bands will be playing at throughout the evening. Talk about a night of summer fun! 

So New Westminster, be sure to check out this amazing food truck festival this Saturday! Further, be sure to bring your wallet, and definitely a big appetite!

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