Best Sushi in New Westminster

Best Sushi in New Westminster


Have you ever been in the middle of a normal day, when suddenly, you’re hit with an intense craving for Japanese food? Your thoughts are consumed of fresh fish and crunchy tempura, and you can’t seem to concentrate until those cravings are met! Luckily, the New Westminster area is full of quality, delicious sushi restaurants, each unique in their offerings! Keep reading for our top picks for the best spots in the city!

Sushi Well (Okonomi Sushi)

For affordable, delicious Japanese food that uses the freshest and most quality ingredients possible, Sushi Well is the place for you! Located on 6th street, this tasty spot serves up all the classics: awesome hand rolls, donburi and teriyaki dishes, tempura, and much more! They also serve their own unique set of special rolls (The Crazy Girl roll is a fan favourite!). One of the kickers that makes this Sixth Street favourite so great? They have extremely affordable combos and specials that give you a nice taste of everything, fill you up, and won’t hurt your wallet! A salmon roll, tuna roll, california roll, and dynamite roll for only $14? How could you beat that! Give this awesome eatery a try today, and check out their instagram here!

Victoria Sushi

Another unbeatable choice filled with both classic and innovative rolls, the freshest sashimi, and multiple awesome affordable combos is Victoria Sushi! Something unique that sets this Japanese eatery apart is their Izakata Specials! For example, you can’t go wrong with their soy ginger duck miso yaki, and their Tuna Tataki is to die for! You also can’t go wrong with their yummy bento boxes, so you can get a taste of everything! Pay this Royal Avenue restaurant a visit any day except for Monday!

Sushi Heaven

Have you ever heard of Sushi Pizza? Or perhaps a Spicy Bacon appetizer roll?! Sushi Heaven is home to some of the most innovative and delicious Japanese delicacies you can find! Not only are they home to these unique and delicious appetizers, but they have amazing Bento Boxes too! Teriyaki, miso soup, nigiri, a california roll, salad and tempura? All for just $11.95? You can’t beat this value! Give this Columbia Street favourite a taste today!

Hyack Sushi

For a huge selection of rolls, a la carte sushi, innovative appetizers, and specials, Hyack Sushi is another great option! Pictured above is their “Salmon Zuke Don,” and you will not believe the freshness of their product! You’re sure to find something that will make your taste buds sing at Hyack Sushi, and the staff are extremely helpful and accommodating! An added bonus? They take online orders for pick up, so you don’t even have to pick up the phone to get your sushi fix! Check out the eatery’s instagram page here!

Lucky Sushi (Sushi Simagoya)

If you’re located in the neighbourhood of Queensborough, Sushi Simagoya (translated to “Lucky Sushi” is for you! A small eatery located on Ewen Avenue and run by the sweetest people! Sushi Simagoya will meet all your cravings! From their fresh rolls, steaming hot rice bowls, yummy appetizers and more! Bonus: they also put together party trays, so remember them for your next get together or party!

Japanese food is a supreme choice for a quick lunch, leisurely dinner with friends, or solo take out food when you want a quiet night in! Give any one of these New West favourites a try today, you will not be disappointed.

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