Best Ethnic Food in New Westminster

Best Ethnic Food in New Westminster

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One of the perks of living in such a multicultural area like the Lower Mainland of B.C is getting to experience aspects of new cultures, and one of the best ways to do this is by eating another culture’s cuisine! Where else in the world can you enjoy eggs for breakfast, Mexican food for lunch, and Japanese food for dinner?! This blog will help you find some of the best ethnic restaurants New Westminster has to offer.

European Fare

Taverna Greka

Delicious food and a view of the water? What more could you ask for? Boasting the freshest high quality ingredients at an affordable price point, Taverna Greka, located on Columbia Street, is a fantastic option for delicious Greek food. With a lively, aesthetic atmosphere and a variety of traditional Grecian dishes, a trip to Taverna Greka will leave you full and happy! For an added bonus on a night out, pay them a visit on Tuesday, where live music is played while you enjoy your meal! For posts of their awesome atmosphere and offerings, check out their instagram page here

Piva Modern Italian

Also located on Columbia Street, Piva Modern Italian offers fresh ingredients and incomparable taste on all things Italian food. From classic dishes, such as spaghetti bolognese, to their own twists, such as their “For Nonno” pasta, you will be satisfied and pleased with anything you order. Piva’s also offers a full menu for vegetarians, so no one has to miss out on the delicious taste of Italy! To check out a gallery of photos that will make your mouth water, click here to browse their instagram page. 

Amazing Asian Options!

Whether you’re in the mood for a night of eating out or cozying up with some takeout food, Asian cuisine is always a great choice! Diverse, flavourful, and many options for sharing, keep reading for the best Asian Eateries in New Westminster!

Longtail Kitchen

For a “modern take on Asian street food”, Longtail Kitchen on Quayside Drive is an unbeatable choice! The cute and casual vibe combined with the small but powerhouse menu makes for a win in our books! If you’re in the mood for a bright dish with a myriad of bold flavours and fresh ingredients, this is the place! For a gallery of photos that will definitely work up your appetite, click here. For a list of their yummy dishes, check out their menu, here.

Chan’s Garden

There’s nothing better than a steaming plate of Chinese food on a weekend evening! Chan’s Garden offers an abundance of tasty dishes at an affordable price, especially their combination meals! Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Fried Rice for 11.95?! How could you beat that? Check out their menu to see their other mouthwatering combos.

Mexican Madness

We can’t think of a better way to chase off those winter blues than to pretend you’re eating tacos or a quesadilla on a beach in sunny Mexico! Below are some fantastic options to do just that in New Westminster this month. 

Taqueria Playa Tropical

Looking to unwind with some awesome Mexican after a busy week? Give Tacqueria Playa Tropical a try! They have the best margaritas in town, and have a huge variety of Mexican dishes, so even the pickiest of eaters will be pleased! From tasty tacos to fresh and yummy seafood, they’re sure to have something that will transport you to that sunny beach in Cabo!

El Santo

For a lively atmosphere you can enjoy with friends, and even better food, give El Santo a taste! Combing the wonderful flavours of Mexican dishes with the freshest West Coast ingredients possible, you truly can’t go wrong. The lively atmosphere coupled with the delicious food will leave you feeling glad you stopped by! Check out their amazing menu here. And their awesome gallery of photos on Instagram, here. 

Try Something New – Lalibela Ethiopian Food

Are you looking to expand your palette and try something new in your area? If so, Lalibela is perfect for this! Enjoy the full dining experience of Ethiopia with authentic cooking and communal dining. Each dish is spiced to perfection with fresh herbs and spices, and everything is prepared with fresh, quality ingredients! Tip: try their full Coffee Ceremony “Buna Bejebena,” for a totally unique and authentic Ethiopian culinary experience. 

So there you have it folks! Eating ethnic food is just one of the many ways to enjoy the many different cultures we are so fortunate to live among in the Lower Mainland. Now you know! New West has a plethora of awesome ethnic cuisine, so get out there and try some today! 



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