Best Dessert Places Near You!

Best Dessert Places Near You!


Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh baked croissant or pastry to kick start your day? Or even, a delicious and decadent dessert to make your terrible day into a good one. Continue reading for the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth near you, New Westminster!

Fratelli Bakery

First up is the Fratelli Bakery! This is a cute little bakery that offers all the delicious Italian classic desserts! Come stop by this New Westminster favourite to try one of their large selection of sweets, such as cakes, cookies, pastries and more! But be careful, we promise that you won’t be able to have just one!

Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery

If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, and a sweet tooth, we’ve got the perfect place for you! Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery has everything from cupcakes to bars, and is guaranteed to wow your tastebuds. So, come on down to Royal Avenue and check out this fabulous bakery!

Tre Galli Gelato Caffe

Next up is Tre Galli Gelato Cafe! This shop has a wide variety of fantastic flavours that will definitely appease your dessert cravings. Additionally, this gelato is made from a secret family recipe, and its taste will make you feel like your in Italy! You just can’t go wrong when it comes to Tre Galli Gelato.

Snowy Village

Last, but certainly not least, is Snowy Village. If you’re craving a bowl of bingsoo look no further! Snowy Village has over ten different types of mouthwatering bingsoo for you to try! They also have delicious taiyaki made with fillings such as Nutella, red bean and more!

Well, there you have it New Westminster! If you have a hankering for dessert you most certainly have options. Whether its gelato, baked goods or even bingsoo, there’s something near you to cure your sweet tooth!

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