The Best Burger in New Westminster

The Best Burger in New Westminster


Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a juicy, delicious burger? Whether you’re choosing a beef burger, a turkey burger or a veggie/ vegan option, something about indulging in a big burger with all your favourite fixings really hits the spot! Keep reading for our picks on the best burger in New Westminster! We encourage you to let us know your own favourites in the comments! Munch on, New Westminster!

Frankie G’s Pub

This Queensborough eatery is a New West favourite, and for good reason! In terms of burgers, Frankie G’s Pub has something for everyone! For those who like to stick to the classics, the “Frankie G’s Burger” is for you, with traditional chuck beef and all the fixings! If you want something a little different, their Salmon Burger or Cajun Chicken Burger will surely hit the spot! Additionally, Frankie G’s vegan option will please vegans and meat eaters alike! The quinoa patty coupled with the tangy balsamic onion relish will have you licking your fingers clean! Check out this awesome eatery’s instagram page for some ordering insight, and give them a try today! You sure will be glad you did.

Burger Heaven

The name of this 10th street eatery alone should tip you off… burger lovers will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven when they take a bite out of the tasty treats served up at Burger Heaven! This is the place to go if you dare to go out of your comfort zone! At Burger Heaven, you can try something unique, innovative, and wildly tasty! For example, where else could you go for an “Insanity Burger?!” This yummy creation includes a beef patty with all the fixings, set between two grilled cheeses… yes, you read that right! You definitely will not leave this awesome burger haven hungry. Fear not, friends who like to stick to what they know. Burger Heaven does sell an awesome classic burger too if that’s what you’re after! Check out Burger Heaven’s Instagram page to view their crazy creations.

I:t char Burger

Sometimes, the best local food you can get isn’t from a sit down restaurant, and that’s where I:t char Burger comes in! Located at a mini mall on McBride Drive, this quick, mom and pop burger shop will give you an unreal burger experience in mere minutes! Their Char Burger is a popular choice among New West foodies, and their delicious burgers are served up by friendly faces who run the shop! Bonus: don’t forget to try I:t Char’s garlic fries, you will not be sorry. 

The Spud Shack Fry Co.

Though fries and poutine may be the star of the show at The Spud Shack, they also serve up three insanely great burgers as well. For those who are true to the classics, the “Effing Good Burger” will not disappoint, as it’s a traditional beef burger done absolutely perfectly. Their vegetarian option is fresh, packed full of veggies and healthy grains, and does not compromise on flavour. And their West Coast Salmon burger will please any seafood lover! However, don’t forget to get some fries too, because you cannot beat the potatoes that come out of the Spud Shack’s kitchen.

So there you have it, New West! Burgers are the ultimate indulgence, and these four eateries make the best. Hopefully, this didn’t make your mouth water too much, but if it did, go out and grab a burger! Have a great weekend, New Westminster!

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